MOBIS EV Power Optimization Server


EV Power Optimisation Signal Values

# Singal Value Type Description
1 HMI.Brightness 40 actuator Brightness of the HMI, relative to supported range. 0 = Lowest brightness possible. 100 = Maximum Brightness possible
2 Media.Volume 30 actuator Current Media Volume
4 HMI.DisplayOffTime 13:15 actuator Time for last hmi action, formatted according to ISO 8601 with UTC time zone
5 HMI.IsScreenAlwaysOn true actuator Used to prevent the screen going black if no action placed.
6 HMI.LastActionTime 15 sensor Duration in seconds before the display is turned off. Value shall be 0 if screen never shall turn off.
7 Vehical.PowerOptimizeLevel 11 actuator Power optimization level for this branch/subsystem. A higher number indicates more aggressive power optimization. Level 0 indicates that all functionality is enabled, no power optimization enabled. Level 10 indicates most aggressive power optimization mode, only essential functionality enabled
8 Vehicle.Cabin.HVAC.Station.Row1.Left.FanSpeed 30 actuator an Speed, 0 = off. 100 = max
9 Vehicle.Cabin.HVAC.Station.Row1.Left.Temperature 80 actuator Temperature